The human body essentially recreates itself every six months. Nearly every cell of hair and skin and bone dies and another is directed to its former place. You are not who you were last November. Donald Miller (via feellng)

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Your real first love will make you realize that your first love wasn’t really your first love. Unknown (via dingyfeathers)

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You can’t keep kissing strangers and pretending that it’s him My best friend after I broke down last night (via snooty-fox)

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i just burnt my tongue on my food and it made me realise that sometimes the ones you love hurt you the most

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I will not be your “sometimes”. Six Word Story #2  (via jaimesue)

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if you don’t grab her ass while you make out with her you are doing it wrong 

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constantly torn between “if it’s meant to be, it will be” and “if you want it, go get it”

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lms if you’re a 90’s kid and remember columbus coming to america

1492 represent

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i hate mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays, and half of fridays. 

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